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What the experts think?...


Jane Peyton (School of Booze)

"I had such fun experimenting with Jeffrey’s Tonics and testing which went best with gin.  Sicilian Lemon & Warm Spices, and Oriental Lime really enhanced gins dominated by citrus, whereas gins with herbal and floral notes were even better with Jeffrey’s Yarrow, Rosehip & Elderflower tonic.  I really enjoyed the tonics over ice with sparkling water too – very refreshing!"

Oliver Blanc

"I think Jeffrey's are the new kid on the tonic block! Using handcrafted cordials with organic botanicals and spices, the team have 

created delicious and unique syrups that can be enjoyed with a range of alcoholic drinks or on their own with some water. Beautifully presented and made in the U.K. give them a try!" 

"I have to be honest I am not a massive fan of tonic syrups but this was just lovely. Today I tried it was a classic gin and tonic"

drinkNAB - a great online review and information site for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

'Absolutely delicious.. everyone should try this!'

Henry Jeffreys.. Freelance journalist (The Guardian, The Spectator), Author

"Jeffrey’s Tonic produce syrups that you can add to fizzy water to make your own tonics." (The Spectator)"

"(Jeffrey's Tonic) makes those long boozeless nights seem a bit more bearable.  I like it so much.." (Blog)

Simon Mayo's Drivetime Show, Radio 2, introduced by Nigel Barden

Bobbie Pryor: "In two years of doing this show, that is my favourite, favourite soft drink."

John Farrand, CEO, The Guild Of Fine Food

"One to watchJeffrey's is doing something different, being more maverick by

not having a clear fizzy liquid and by using ‘botanicals’ like rosehips and galangal root."

Parsley, Flipside Radio

"The best drink I have ever tasted.  The best drink in the world.  Ever!" - spoken with no hyperbole whatever.

(Oriental Lime)

BBC Good Food Guide - By Henry Jeffreys

"This stuff is brilliant. It’s a syrup to make your own tonic, and you just add sparkling water. For me, it works brilliantly without gin. You can play around with lime juice, bitters and dilution to make a sort of cocktail. It comes in lots of different flavours, all distinctive and delicious".

The Sticky Beak Blog

"We had a cheeky Gin and Tonic using the Oriental Lime; all you do is use one part cordial to five parts soda water to make delicious tonic water -  easy peasy.. went incredibly well with the food, due in no small part I assume to the Indonesian/Oriental Galangal and Lime elements.. it was superb and slipped down very easily :)...Gorgeously fragrant on the palate."



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