A Great British Cocktail

If we asked you which cocktail is most commonly associated with Britain what would be your answer?

If you replied Gin & Tonic you would be correct! Interestingly, the drink came about slightly backwards with tonic being the initial drink and gin being added! Back in the 19th Century, British colonists had to take tonic water (containing quinine) to treat malaria. Tonic water was so bitter and undrinkable, that gin, sugar and citrus were added to make the drink much more palatable.

These days Gin & Tonic is one of the most popular cocktails in the world, and actually last year gin was the fastest growing spirit worldwide with gin consumption in the UK alone rising by 32%!

Why is gin growing faster than any other alcoholic beverage? Some believe it is due to the current plant craze! With a botanical base, gin fits with the plant vibe, so is staying on top of the trend. New gin flavours are continuously being launched with new variants including basil, rhubarb, orange and cinnamon. Even the vodka producers are following suit adding botanicals to their drinks to fit in with the trend for natural ingredients.

Gin was once enjoyed by the older generation but now it is consumed by all age groups and interestingly both genders.

Of course, us Brits don’t just want any gin, the current trend shows we love our regional varieties of gin. We want provenance, sustainability and traceability and when we visit new parts of the country are searching high and low for new exciting local gins – regional provenance is therefore key!

We have been busy working our way through the many gins out there and have paired some of the best with our range of Jeffrey’s Tonic Syrups. Our Yarrow, Rosehip & Elderflower is slightly floral so works well with Gordon’s Pink, Bombay Sapphire, Sir Robin Locksley and Brockman’s. While our Lime, Galangal & Orange Tonic Syrup has more of a citrus flavour so complements Tarsier, Tanuqeray Ten and Hendricks. Our Original Tonic Syrups with its Warm Spices is the pairs well with King of Soho, Tanqueray, Gordon’s and Manchester Dry Gin. Finally, our Not So Plain is full of flavour and quite different from the rest of the range, we think it really works with Manchester Wild Spirit, Monkey 47 and Sipsmith.

It is quite clear that the current ‘ginaissance’ will not be dipping for a while and when it eventually does which alcoholic beverage will be the new star?