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Funding the next stage

We started Jeffrey's Tonic in 2017, inspired by some recipes from the States.  Not many people in the UK were even familiar with the term 'tonic syrup' at that point, but over the last couple of years more and more discerning folk have come to know of the category.  


It took a while to perfect recipes and process, but it became clear that we were ahead of the curve and many more people are now seeing just how wonderful the Jeffrey's range is - as extraordinary mixers, or deliciously sophisticated soft drinks.

Having done the initial spadework essentially without outside funding, we're at the point where we need cash to allow the business to grow, so a Crowdfunding Event is planned.  


It would be awesome if you could join us on our quite exciting journey!


If you'd like to, please email us, or provide your details below, indicating what sum you'd be prepared to commit to in a future funding round.


We won't use your details for anything else - promise!

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